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All 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions are a one-time, non recurring payment.

Buying as a gift? You’ll have the option of choosing a gift card to be sent to the recipient.

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6 Months

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Here’s what real people are saying:

My husband and I received this as a Christmas gift. We have enjoyed every single bar we have received.


I give Mystery Chocolate Box subscriptions as gifts to anyone who loves chocolate. Which is everyone! So much fun.


3 friends get together to try and solve the mystery flavors. We’re not at all good at it, but it’s tons of fun! So much fun that I ordered Mystery Chocolate as a gift for my daughter.


4.8 out of 5 average rating

What Do I Get In Each Box?

The short version: 3 delicious chocolate bars, our monthly letter with (mostly) helpful hints to guide your tasting and a guessing card.

Everything you need to have a mystery chocolate tasting party!

Then, submit your guesses on our site to instantly find out what was in each bar and earn Cacao Points. And, more importantly, who has bragging rights!

When Do I Get My First Box?

Generally, if you order on or before the 20th of the month, you will receive your first box the following month at the latest. However, when supplies allow, we make the current month available so you can start in the current month and your first box will ship within a week.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions that aren’t answered here? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

I’m buying Mystery Chocolate Box as a gift. Can I include a gift message to the recipient?

Excellent choice! I smell “Best Gift Ever” award coming your way (and it smells good, chocolate with raspberry perhaps?). But yes, for all boxes intended as a gift, we include a nice little personalized gift card. You can include your own gift message as well as let the recipient know who it’s from!

Please note that our 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions are non-recurring, so they’re perfect for gifts!

I (or someone in my family) have food allergies. Will I be able to enjoy Mystery Chocolate Box?

If you have known food allergies that normally conflict with chocolate (nuts, gluten, etc), we advise to you to not purchase Mystery Chocolate Box unless you are certain that you will not have any adverse reactions.

For more information, please read here and if you have any specific needs or questions, contact us!

Can I cancel a subscription at any time?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account online (or just contact us).

How do you ship each box in the summer to avoid melting?

Ah, yes. This is one of the biggest challenges that we face (read more here). Basically, we line each box with insulated bubble wrap and then pack a cold pack in each box.

There is an extra charge of $3.50 for every box we ship out that needs the special materials mentioned above (this is added to the shipping charge). This is also the absolute lowest price you’ll find for shipping chocolate with extra insulation materials plus cold packs! (learn why here).

However, if your chocolate does happen to arrive soft or melted, just let it cool off (stick it in the refrigerator if you need to). It might look different, but it will taste just as good!

Do I get anything for guessing correctly?

As it turns out, you sure do! You get 10 Cacao Points for every single guess you get right. And, if you’re consistent, you’ll earn a spot in our leaderboard for ultimate bragging rights!