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151 reviews for Mystery Chocolate Box Monthly Subscription

  1. gaykoerber

    The mystery chocolate box is such a great idea. I love chocolate and I love mysteries. The mystery chocolate box combines these favorites into a tasty game. This is a fun and clever treat.


    Amazing box. First one easy, 2nd bar a bit harder challenge, enlisted help and got it. Last bar, got 1 of the 2 ingredients. 4 of 5 correct. Not bad

  3. Emma Neuberger (verified owner)

    the chocolate bars are very tasty!

  4. Bruce Dalton

    Loved the orange and champagne.

  5. t.woodin71

    Bars are delicious and guessing the added flavors are very fun.

  6. caroline.emde3

    Loved all the bars and how each we quite different. The cinnamon graham cracker one was my favorite – nice and cozy tasting. The only thing I wish it was more clear if milk was in the bars or not — to be able to share with vegan and dairy-free friends.

  7. Andrew Wierson

    Delicious and fun. Thank you!

  8. Dale Beckerman

    Such a fun family project. Altho, the Clue for B had misleading terminology and the last sentence didn’t make sense!

  9. Thisha Davidson

    This was our first box and how fun!! My husband loves chocolate and he loves a good game so this was the perfect Birthday gift for him!

  10. sydni.coleman

    Received this as a Christmas gift. It was so fun! And the chocolate is great quality. Highly recommend.

  11. karilee

    The packaging was gorgeous, the idea is unique, and all three chocolate bars were delicious!

  12. Emmanuelle Cazabonne

    This is so much fun, and so delicious original flavors that I have never tasted before in chocolate. Bravo!

  13. Emmanuelle Cazabonne

    Delicious, intriguing, unusual flavors, plus it’s fun to try to guess! Great original gift.
    Oh and the packaging for each bar is so beautiful

  14. Emma Neuberger (verified owner)

    It’s fun to guess the different flavors!

  15. Amy

    Packaging is lovely.
    Chocolate bars are all delicious but we are terrible at guessing. We enjoyed all 3 months.

  16. Amanda Masiello

    Got it as a birthday gift for the next 3 months and really enjoying it! It’s such a fun idea! Love it!

  17. anne mikol

    This month has delicious selections! I am buying bar A and bar B now!

  18. Emma Neuberger (verified owner)

    Fun and tasty!

  19. suzanne

    We have had more fun with the mystery chocolate box! We may not love every bar (they’re not shy about controversial flavors!), but the guessing game is always fantastic. And we have discovered new favorites like milk chocolate with chai spices and turmeric.

  20. Sara McHale

    This was given to me as a gift and I enjoyed it so much! The flavors were unique, but also really delicious. I had so much fun trying to discern the tastes. Would also be a fun thing to do at a dinner party. I would definitely recommend!

  21. Emma Neuberger (verified owner)

    The chocolate tastes great and it’s so fun to guess the flavors!

  22. rachel-kang

    Mystery Chocolate Box has been such a fun experience!! Thank you for a memorable 6 months of surprises 🙂

  23. shshohetvln

    Ginger was a real stumper. All the bars were delicious! Thank you.

  24. Emma Neuberger (verified owner)

    I got it for my mom for her birthday N de we’re having so much fun guessing the flavors!

  25. Inaboatonariver

    All three bars were delicious and it was so much fun for the family to guess

  26. ahoyhere

    The flavors are very difficult to distinguish, but it is a really fun game to play with friends.

  27. shshohetvln

    Flavor combinations were interesting, challenging and delicious. A good smooth mouth feel to all the chocolates. We enjoyed them all!

  28. Angela Whiteacre

    I did this for my husband and its been fun trying to figure out what the flavors are. Some of them are pretty difficult, the chocolate is pretty delicious.

  29. chloe wheatcraft

    4.5 from me! I enjoyed all of the flavors, I like that it has both dark and milk chocolate. Guessing is really fun, especially when you get other people to join in! I wish that the hints were a tiny bit harder but that’s it.

  30. Zack

    This is so much fun trying to guess all the flavor combos! This month was too much citrus for my taste, and one bar did not even taste like what it was supposed to be. But I’m looking forward to next month!

  31. Caden

    Yum Yum in Tum

  32. The Bean Blossoms

    For chocolate lovers, this is so good and so fun! This was a Mother’s Day gift from my three daughters. When I got my first box, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the box was wrapped. Concerned about our June heat and receiving a melted box of chocolate, that was not the case! It came well insulated with a cold gel pack. I sampled all three bars trying to guess the flavors, only getting one right. Our daughters and their families were here over the weekend for Father’s Day, so we all tried a piece of each bar and had fun guessing. We got 4 out of 6 correct. Everyone commented on just how good each bar was. Well done, Mystery Chocolate!

  33. Jon

    This is one of the best gifts I have ever received. It’s a gift that keeps coming.

  34. rachel-kang

    It’s always 2 dark and 1 milk chocolate. I wish there was a way we could at least opt for the type of chocolate! I love dark chocolate and would like all 3 dark chocolate 🙂

    Also… some of these inclusions were so hard to guess!!!!! Crepe flakes and toasted quinoa?? Wow!

  35. Lynn Lenox


  36. Stephanie Martin

    I love guessing the flavors in the chocolate. All the chocolate I have gotten so far has been delicious!


    This box is amazing! The flavors are subtle but there is enough of each inclusion to allow our taste buds to discern all the goodness!!!! It is such a fun family activity!


    Chocolate is superb and the added flavors are delicious! Fun to play with friends!

  39. Maria Ebling

    I love mystery chocolate. It’s fun to try to guess what the various flavors are, even though I’m terrible at it!

  40. George Batten

    Very fun, I don’t usually like dark chocolate but these flavors make the dark chocolate very good,

  41. Jon

    This box was delicious one. I have not received one that contained a bar that we did not enjoy. Even the one bar that was too spicy for me was perfect for my fiancé.


    Great gift for any chocolate lover. The packaging is awesome and the chocolate bars delicious.

  43. jnsyr (verified owner)

    This box is a lot of fun, although the 4 of us in our family don’t end up guessing correctly too often!
    The bars are sometimes not pleasant-tasting, but usually they are highly enjoyable. The hardest part is trying to purchase extras from the shop before they sell out! Warning: shipping is higher in summer because of the meltability of chocolate, but it is nice to be able to get it all year long–other boxes stop sending chocolate in the warmer months. What’s a snack box without chocolate? No fun!


    This is a great idea for a gift! AND the chocolate is amazing.

  45. nschaetz2

    This has been such a fun experience…to challenge my tastebuds to determine what the flavors are in each mystery bar. Whether I get them right or not, the chocolate is a great gift. I also like that others benefit from the gift received too.

  46. adragoon

    Delicious chocolate–and fun to guess the mystery ingredients. We were close on some and really surprised by others.

  47. Lynn Lenox

    Mystery chocolate is a super fun way to share chocolate with friends. I especially like all made with dark chocolate.

  48. rachel-kang

    Quality, unique chocolate that packs a punch!

  49. Jon

    I am always happy when I receive my Mystery Chocolate Box. I love chocolate and it has been so fun solidifying my belief that there is no such thing as bad chocolate.

  50. George Batten

    Love the grapefruit one!!!!

  51. kplenn

    Fun, delicious, beautiful packaging and helps a needy cause. How can you go wrong?

  52. Stephanie Martin

    I love chocolate. Guessing what in the chocolate is so fun.

  53. Kara DeBaene

    Completed the February box with my daughter and had a blast! Tasted so many fun flavors and had a great time guessing.

  54. ashumosk

    Chocolate is delicious and very interesting. Such a fun activity to do for a break in the work day. Everyone enjoys it!

  55. nschaetz2

    I loved two of the three bars in the February 2022 box. Bar B and Bar C were off the charts AWESOME. Sadly, Bar A somehow got nowhere near the mark. I decided to NOT finish the bar. And I LOVE Chocolate. This says a lot for me. I shared all of them with my family and the grimaces on Bar A were hard to miss. Everyone left part of their sample A on their plate. Unheard of for my family. I was disappointed to say the least in the one A bar. People discribed it as soapy and foul. Don’t know how this happened.

  56. Kaila Burkert

    This is such a fun experience! The chocolate is amazing and the mystery adds such a fun element!

  57. kktam

    Was good

  58. Ashlyn Thill (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I love getting Mystery chocolate box!! Not only do we get tasty chocolate, but the guessing aspect is tons of fun!

  59. Lisa

    So fun! And great chocolate!

  60. Kathie

    This is such a cool idea. The packaging is top notch and beautiful, which makes it even more special. Also, I wrote their customer service about something and they answered back immediately. I would highly recommend this. Makes a really cool gift.

  61. Heather M Aeschliman

    I have used Mystery Chocolate Box as a client gift for over a year now and everyone loves it. It is different and memorable at the same time comfortable and familiar. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate, but this is chocolate with a twist. before each delivery I am able to let my clients know the chocolates are coming with a personal email. This is a great way to show people you are glad they chose to work with you.

  62. Craig Francis

    The chocolate was delicious and it was fun to play “What’s the flavor”. Found that we had a “Super Taster” in the family and was darn near spot on the guessing.

  63. Melanie Cole

    This has been the most fun! My son gave me Mystery Chocolate Box as a Mother’s
    Day gift, and it has been a great gift! It’s a fun thing to look forward to every month-we have fun tasting the chocolate and trying to guess what the flavors are. Thanks so much for such a neat gift idea!
    The chocolate is very smooth and delicious, and the inclusions keep us guessing. The clues provided give just enough information to head us in the right direction. I’ve shared this with my husband and son, and guests that come over for dinner. It makes for a nice and lively dessert conversation

  64. Robert Breslin

    We had an excellent time with Mystery Chocolate Box. If I get it again, I’ll be playing the guessing game on the site. The amount of chocolate sent was a lot less than a “licorice of the month” I got as a gift, but I didn’t end up eating all the licorice myself and nobody else likes it. Everyone likes chocolate.

  65. Lora Lion

    I gave this as a gift and it was shared with me every month. It was great for two chocolate lovers like us.

  66. Natalie

    I got a subscription for my dad who loves chocolate and it became a fun game for the family to try to guess what each bar was!

  67. Laura T.

    I bought a 3 month subscription as a gift for 4 of my best friends for Christmas and I must say- it was so fun! When they received their boxes, it was a fun game in our group to taste test and guess who got what in their box before looking at the answers. Highly recommend as a gift idea!!

  68. Laura Spinella

    I look forward to my box every month. Guessing the flavors is a big event in our house and is so much harder than we thought it would be. We miss the old style of boxes where we got to taste a variety of chocolates from different manufacturers. Now the chocolate itself is basically all the same, even though the inclusions/flavors can be more varied.

  69. Janet Gourley

    3 friends get together to try and solve the mystery flavors. We’re not at all good at it, but it’s tons of fun! So much fun that I ordered Mystery Chocolate as a gift for my daughter.

  70. Laura B Sokol

    I give Mystery Chocolate Box subscriptions as gifts to anyone who loves chocolate. Which is everyone! So much fun.

  71. Carlene Anderegg

    My husband and I received this as a Christmas gift. We have enjoyed every single bar we have received.

  72. Ashley Ruggirello

    Very pleased with the variety and QUALITY included in each box.

  73. Arielle

    My grandpa really enjoyed it! He and my grandma would call every month to try and guess what the chocolates were!

  74. Jodie

    I ordered Mystery Chocolate Box for my friend for her birthday — it combined all her favorite things: mysteries & puzzles and chocolate and discovering new things! Thanks for making the gift a hit!

  75. Katie Goyen

    This was a great gift that was shared by the whole family!

  76. Cassandra Sipe

    Delicious and surprising, every time.

  77. Wanda Ross

    I received Mystery Chocolate as a gift. It was one of the best and most fun gifts I received in a long time.
    I would always get other people to come and guess the ingredients with me

  78. Jennifer Yarnall

    I loved the excitement of ‘unknown’ chocolate coming to my door each month! I really tasted the chocolate as you had to guess the ingredients, so I was eating mindfully. It was also nice to be exposed to new chocolate that I could purchase afterwrads.

  79. Sarah

    This was an excellent gift for my mother. It was as much about the experience of mystery and taste testing as it was about the chocolate. We loved trying to figure out the ingredients together. There were some wild combinations!

  80. Raul Pacheco

    Is a great product and so much fun sitting with family members trying to figure out the flavors in the chocolate.

  81. Brian Weinberg

    We always looked forward to trying new chocolates every month! While, sometimes they might have not been our favorites, other times we discovered great new brands and flavors we would never have otherwise found!

  82. Stacy A. Donovan

    Mystery Chocolate is not just outstanding chocolate; it is so much fun! I gave Mystery Chocolate to friends for Christmas and every time there was a delivery, I would hear from my friends telling me how good the chocolate is and lots of stories about the guessing games they had regarding the type of chocolate. In addition, the customer service is remarkable. This is delicious chocolate and a marvelous gift created by a truly wonderful company!

  83. Gretchen Gemeinhardt

    It was a fun gift for my mom. She liked that she could guess the other ingredients. And was thrilled about the quality of the chocolate.. she is definitely a strong cacao snob. She only wished that her subscription was longer!

  84. Karin Thomas

    I found Mystery Chocolate Box while searching for a unique gift that includes chocolate. It’s fun, unique, delicious, and doesn’t impinge on storage space or personal aesthetic. Perfect for a young couple living in a small apartment. They are loving it.

  85. Lisa

    Exciting gift to receive and great ideas to easily replicate without paying as much for kids.

  86. Lillian

    Every box is something different and a taste that everyone will love! Definitely one of the best monthly boxes I get each month!

  87. Erica

    Such a fun gift to send to family! We had little skype sessions when the chocolate arrived so we could all guess together.

  88. Diana Bowman

    Was fun gift I looked forward to getting each month and sharing the tasting and guessing with friends/family.

  89. Lindsey J Saxton (verified owner)

    I love playing the guessing game with my friends and family each month.

  90. Sean Montgomery

    Timely and tasty.

  91. Ben Hand (verified owner)

    Super fun way to team build or just share chocolate with family, everyone enjoys trying to guess what the hints of flavor are from.

  92. Maddy

    I got my chocolate-loving partner a subscription as part of his Christmas present, and he loved it! We both enjoyed guessing the flavors in the chocolate bars each month, it was so fun to try so many new flavors that we hadn’t thought of for chocolate bars. I’d definitely get this subscription again to gift to someone else.

  93. Janis Fox

    It’s really fun to guess what’s in each bar–we usually get some of the ingredients correct, but not all! This box is on the pricier side for what you get (3 chocolate bars)–especially when shipping is more expensive during warmer months. Still, if you want a new experience and some new chocolate bars to try, it’s a great choice!

  94. Robert

    It’s kind of expensive, but totally a good way to get a surprise every month with some really great chocolate bars.

  95. Abigail Angwin

    I loved Mystery Chocolate box for both the interesting chocolate and the fun it brought my family and friends. For each box we came together after dinner to guess and also frequently did so when guests were around as an interesting activity. It was also a wonderful thing to share with out of state relatives since we could each open our boxes and taste while on Facetime. While I didn’t necessarily love all the flavor profiles each bar of chocolate was sure to be good.

  96. Lora Lion

    I gave the 3 month subscription to a friend who shared it with me every month. It was fun trying to figure out the flavors in each bar. Although we didn’t love every single one, we didn’t waste a single bite.

  97. Lisa Kantner

    Mystery Chocolate Box was wonderful to work with. Their products are fun and was a hit with my bridal party. I had gotten all three of my bridesmaids a subscription as part of their bridesmaid’s gifts.

  98. Jessica

    We played with family and it could not be more fun. Chocolate plus a little mystery!

  99. Drew Cohen

    Yummy mystery chocolates today show up at your door… How can you argue with that

  100. Melanie Ortiz

    Fabulous gift for your hard to buy for friends!

  101. Bailie Rivera

    This was such a fun gift! Every month, I would get a group together and we would all guess the flavors. Seriously the best!

  102. Rob R

    Mystery Chocolate Box was a great gift to receive. I love eating chocolate and trying to figure out what flavors were in the bar was fun.

  103. Wendy

    Love, love, love mystery chocolate boxes. I’m very bad at guessing the flavors, but it’s so much fun…and delicious.

  104. Ashleigh Lloyd

    I had such an amazing time with Mystery Chocolate Box. My best friends and I would get together to try and guess each flavor, it was such a blast and an amazing gift! One of the best presents and experiences ever.

  105. Judy Niehaus

    We love the puzzle-solving component to the Mystery Chocolate Boxes – fun and delicious!

  106. Andrea Corso

    It is so much fun to receive the Mystery Chocolate box each month. In addition the challenge of guessing the flavors, I have discovered many new favorite chocolate bars through this subscription.

  107. A’Llyn Ettien

    Have really enjoyed trying the different interesting flavors and discussing them! We tend to make a weekend evening of it and it is a nice little event.

  108. Kisha Delain

    Super fun for the whole family. We loved trying to figure out what the flavors and inclusions were (even if we rarely got it right!).

  109. Michelle Tuorto-Collins

    My husband and I so looked forward to the arrival of our mystery chocolate box (unfortunately, we couldn’t renew due to a pandemic related job loss). We had fun sampling and guessing – and then eating more after the game was done! You’ll get chocolates that combine things you never imagined but become your favorites.

  110. Carri

    Easy to set up, have given as gifts and loved by all!

  111. Jeffrey Cooper

    Gourmet chocolates show up in your mailbox every month–what’s not to love?

  112. Courtney Chaffin

    Mystery chocolates were the perfect gift to give my chocolate loving friend! I wish we could add in a bit more preferences but I understand it’s meant to be a surprise!

  113. Ben Bilter

    Love them. So much fun to try with my family. We love guessing and seeing if we were right!!

  114. Audrey Butler

    I’ve been giving Mystery Chocolate boxes as gifts for a few years now and the recipients keep requesting them. They love them and the customer service can’t be beat for quick responses (to address changes, nothing negative)

  115. April Collins

    This was a really fun gift for a foodie like myself. I had a lot of fun trying to guess the flavors. It made the whole experience of eating chocolate even more enjoyable and introduced me to new brands that I hadn’t tried before.

  116. Eyal Aharoni

    Got it once as a gift and loved it! Unique and delicious flavors. Learned something too!

  117. Jon Wenrich

    Overall I love the concept, and more importantly, so does my wife. I particularly enjoy being introduced to foreign chocolates that I would not otherwise come across. My personal favorite was the fennel and raspberry bar from Norway two years ago.

  118. Jennifer

    Bought as a birthday gift to my dad. All of the chocolates were delicious and extremely high quality. We enjoyed guessing the flavors as well.

  119. Andrew Stapleton

    My wife and I loved going through our box of chocolates. Some of the ingredients were really surprising but all of them were delicious!

  120. Maria Tonellato

    I got mystery box as a gift for my chocolate loving friend, and she LOVED it. It was the best gift I’ve given in awhile, and it was so much fun to hear that she did chocolate tastings with her friends and loved guessing and eating the chocolate!

  121. Jane massey (verified owner)

    I gave this monthly gift to my nephew for a couple of years. He loves it. Thanks

  122. Kyle Gopffarth

    This is such a clever gift! I love how mystery chocolate box turns something that everyone loves, chocolate, and makes it even more interesting by giving us the chance to guess the subtle flavors. Will definitely be using this as a go-to gift for the foreseeable future.

  123. Karli DeSchepper

    I gave as a gift to a friend who so kindly shared with me and it was great! So fun and delish chocolates!

  124. Simon

    I got Mystery Chocolate for my dad as a birthday present and he said it was the best gift he’d ever gotten!

  125. Bethany

    I have gifted this mystery box 2 years in a row now. The recipient absolutely loves it and I will continue to do so!

  126. Julie O’Reilly

    Mystery box has been a gift that we’ve given to others. We tried a few months worth, and got mixed results. We gave samples to many family members, and most were received well. There were a few turkeys, but we had a great debate about them. Overall we give an overall “good” for your product. I think you’ve got a few new fans now.

  127. Elizabeth Callison

    So much fun! Loved trying to guess all the flavors!

  128. Jack Dugoni

    Amazing product. Unique and delicious, with a flair for sustainable satisfaction!

  129. Cynthia Smith

    It was challenging, but it gave our family a new competition

  130. Heather M Aeschliman

    I ordered it for several clients 3 years ago and got rave reviews!

  131. Marisa DeLong

    I loved the variety of chocolates offered and the surprise each month brought. The selection of chocolates was impeccable. I also loved how there was easy access to buy more of the chocolates I loved.

  132. Kristin Addis

    I never knew before Mystery Chocolate that you could put so many different things in chocolate! Loads of fun to try to guess what they are, and (of course)… chocolate. Yum – always a pleasure!

  133. Patrick DeCampos

    I’ve been a customer of MCB for 5+ years now. It is my favorite subscription box service, and also my most delicious! My wife and I look forward to every month when we get a box as we play a guessing game as to which chocolate bar contains what ingredients and it’s a total blast. It’s become a lasting tradition in our family.

  134. Stacy Gianassi

    These chocolates are sooooo yummy AND they make the best gift. I sent a 6 month subscription to my boss and it was well received. He loved it. He and his partner had full on dinner with friends with the mystery chocolate as the entertainment.

  135. Rebecca ODell

    So much fun! Every month we gather round the box with the surprises inside. I’ll admit we are getting a bit better at guessing, perhaps this is refining our tastebuds!

  136. Joel Benson

    The mystery gift box gave us a time for our entire family to open the chocolate, read the description, make our guesses, taste and then guess again. It was a fantastic way to explore chocolate and get to know some of the many unique approaches to chocolate. We always had great variety.

  137. Ian Sahlberg

    A super fun experience if your into food tasting, best shared with others!

  138. Jessica S McClenney

    I gave Mystery Chocolate to my dad for Christmas one year. He has everything so something that gave him a little surprise and was something to look forward to for a few months was a great gift! He enjoyed chocolate and the fun of guessing flavors was a treat for him!

  139. Bobby

    I’ve gotten this for my mom as a gift a few times and she always saves them til my siblings and I are in town. We all break off a square and write down our guesses and at the end, we discuss our favorite and then look up the flavor reveal. Super fun!

  140. Margaret

    I have purchased 2 subscriptions for my dad and he absolutely loves the surprise every month and the chocolate! Plus the game of guessing what they are is very cool. Thank you!

  141. Mariel

    I’ve been receiving this subscription as a gift, and my whole family is really loving it! My husband and love trying to guess the flavors, and my daughter comes and asks for her chocolate reward after a “good nap”.

    Unfortunately, I think my last box was lost in the mail for a bit before getting to me. I received the package over a week after the email came in that it had been shipped. My chocolates had completely melted but re-hardened. At least they’re still tasty!!

  142. Jasmine Ying

    I got this as gift from my mom for my birthday and my life hasn’t been the same since 😀 The guessing is fun, but the chocolate is soooooo good!

  143. Amanda Ying

    A 3 month subscription was given to my chocolate obsessed teenage daughter for a bday gift. It has been the perfect gift! So exciting to get chocolate delivered to your door each month with such unique flavors! Mom for the win!

  144. romano.lindarose

    My daughter gave me 6 months of Mystery Box as a gift. What a perfect delight. I love chocolate. We now have a wine and chocolate event with the family to make our guesses for submission. Has become a wonderful family event.

  145. raglandjl

    This was fun and the chocolate is amazing. The mixed in ingredients are incredible.

  146. raglandjl

    I received this as a gift and am so excited each month for it to come. The chocolate is amazing and the mixed in “secrets” are incredible additions. This is super fun!!!

  147. Chelsea

    MCB is a really fun and delicious way to bring the family together.

  148. Joanie

    Loved my first chocolate box. Had so much fun guessing what was in the chocolate with my co-workers!

  149. Diane Sasscer

    We are having a blast with this gift. Wonderful experience. My husband wants to know how the dog is doing now that he has been “shaken” not stirred??

  150. Andie Corso

    Thank you for a great box! My favorite (surprisingly) was the White Chocolate with Rose? flavor…

    • mysterychocolatebox (verified owner)

      Glad you loved it! (Had to wait until we revealed this box to comment 🙂 )

  151. Shelley (verified owner)

    Loved my Mystery Chocolate Box!!! It was soo much fun trying to guess the flavors and the Chocolate was really very good!! Can’t wait until next month!!! 🙂

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