As a Mystery Chocolate Box member, we’ll award you Cacao Points whenever you do awesome things. You can redeem your Cacao Points for awesome things like FREE CHOCOLATE!

Here’s how it works:

1. Become a subscriber.

Join Mystery Chocolate Box and you’ll earn points just for being a member!

2. Earn more Cacao Points.

You can earn more Cacao Points as a subscriber for doing things like guessing flavors correctly, referring friends, leaving a review, and more. We’ll even give you points just for receiving a Mystery Chocolate Box!

See the table below to see how many points you can earn for each action.

3. Redeem Cacao Points!

You can use your points for free chocolate bars in our Shop or even a free Mystery Chocolate Box!

cacao-point-smallCacao Points Table

Here’s a handy visual display of the number of Cacao Points you will earn for various actions taken with Mystery Chocolate Box:

Action Number of Cacao Points Earned
Correctly guessing a flavor 10 Cacao Points for each correct guess
Receiving a box 50 Cacao Points per box you receive
Leaving a review 50 Cacao Points
Running down a busy street singing the praises of Mystery Chocolate Box 10,000 Cacao Points*
More coming soon! ???

* Video evidence required. Ok, we’re joking here. It’s ok to laugh. (Well, if you really did run down a busy street singing our praises and video tape it we would actually reward you 10,000 Cacao Points)

Are you a Mystery Chocolate Box member?

We have retroactively applied Cacao Points to your account for all correct guesses and boxes that you have received in the past. (this means more points for you). Click below to see your Cacao Points balance.

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