December 2015

Posted on December 31, 2015

Welcome to the last Mystery Chocolate Box of 2015! It’s been a fantastic year, and we’ve had a TON of amazing chocolate.

However, we’re not done yet…one last box to finish out the year. And we’re going to finish strong, of course!

So let’s go ahead and pull the curtain off the very special bars we included in the December 2015 box…

(Actually, before we do, have you seen the leaderboard yet? It’s almost ready to launch, but you can preview it. Did you make it?)

Bar A

A holiday special! We always try to include a special bar or two for the December box, and this year is no exception.

However, we wanted to include unique holiday bar…one that we hadn’t heard of before. So when we learned about this holiday special bar from one of our favorite chocolate manufacturers, we had to try it.

A couple bites later, we knew this was the right bar to include in this box. First off, the chocolate. It’s amazing. This is perfect dark chocolate.  Second, the inclusion is just right. It’s a new idea, it doesn’t overpower the dark chocolate, and, well, it tastes great!

So, what was it? Let’s see…


Dark Chocolate with Ginger Snaps by Dick Taylor

One of the things I really like about this bar is how simple and pure it is. Other than the ginger snaps the only other ingredients in this bar are cacao and cane sugar. This means Dick Taylor doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to making their chocolate bars! Oh, and both ingredients are organic….just for good measure.

Bar B

We heard amazing things about this bar but had a hard time getting our hands on it it because it’s not widely available here in the United States. However, we’re a persistent bunch of chocoholics so we exercised patience and finally got to try it.

And it was love at first bite. Again, like the Ginger Snaps bar, we know we had to include it in one of our boxes. Not only that, but it’s quite a workout for the taste buds because it has THREE different inclusions!

Quite a challenge, but we knew you would be up to the task. So let’s see what it was:


70% Dark Chocolate with Strawberries, Cherries, and Raspberries (Toscano Red) by Amadei

Even though it’s not meant to be, we think the painting on the wrapper looks like a festive, old-fashioned Christmas berry scene. Perfect for this month!

Did you like this bar as much as we did?

Bar C

Another perfect one for the season! This chocolate bar makes you want to enjoy it with a good book in front of the fire.  But make sure to keep your marshmallow skewer close by to fend off unwanted sharing 😉

Made by one of the very best milk chocolate manufacturers, let’s go ahead and see what it was:


Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon by Dolfin

Dolfin’s chocolate bars are always among our most re-ordered bars, and for good reason. They’ve obviously mastered the art of making milk chocolate, which we think is a very under-appreciated art. Most of the high-quality craft chocolate making efforts (and by most, we mean almost all) go towards dark chocolate, which is a shame. There’s nothing wrong with milk chocolate!

But anyway, that’s another topic for another time…

Want more of any of these bars? Click on image of each bar above to order more (if there are any left!). Remember, if you will be receiving a Mystery Chocolate Box next month, you can order as many extra bars as you want with no shipping charge! (as long as you choose to have them shipped with your next box)

Now, with that, it’s almost 2016.

Happy New Year!

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