2015 Donation Report

Posted on January 14, 2016

Alright chocolate lovers, time for our annual donation report!

To refresh your memory, one of our favorite things about Mystery Chocolate Box is the fact that we donate two meals for every box we send out. One meal right here in the United States and one around the world.

Now, let’s see approximately how many meals we donated during the year of 2015:

3,200 meals donated!

Plus, we made an extra donation for $7.06 ($10 CAD) to Peace Geeks — thank you to Joan M. for telling us about them!

Now, a quick note if you remember our donation report from last year. We said we wanted to donate 20 times the number of meals in 2015 as 2014. Quite a lofty goal, indeed.

However, that goal wasn’t entirely cut and dry because last year we donated many more meals than boxes that were actually sent out. The reason for that was we were brand new last year, and obviously starting from zero meant the final number of boxes sent out wasn’t much. Which meant the number of meals donated should have been small.

So, we added extra meals to our donation, which skewed the numbers a bit. While that might make our comparison to last year much smaller than our original 20x increase goal, let’s just say we grew quite a bit and sent out many more boxes last year.

Ready for a strong 2016?

We sure are. We have one VERY exciting change (read: upgrade) to the entire Mystery Chocolate Box experience that will be coming VERY soon (most likely for the March box). This is something to look forward to!

Plus, more coming later. Are you excited too?

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