August 2016

Posted on September 7, 2016

This month we enjoyed quite an interesting range of chocolate bars.

(Did you like them? Let us know!)

However, before we pull the curtain off this month’s box, we’d like to highlight a really creative way to enjoy a Mystery Chocolate that we heard from a customer.

Judy G. wrote in and said:

I received a subscription from my daughter for my birthday. The first month (July) my husband and I sampled and enjoyed the bars. That gave us some experience so we branched out some for August to include a couple of our granddaughters and my mother.

Next month, I am planning on a group text for everyone to stop by to sample and record their guesses. Then, I will text everyone all the correct answers along with their guesses. We all laughed a lot, and enjoyed tasting and guessing.

How cool is that? A group tasting followed by a group text to reveal the answers. Very fun!


Let’s get started!


Bar A

This was a tricky one!

This bar obviously had a minty flavor, but the flavor inclusion is actually not mint.

It’s something else that’s far less common (but quite delicious).

Let’s see it…


Dark Chocolate with Pine Tree Oil by Milkboy

If pine tree oil is a new one to you, don’t worry. It was a new one to us too.

But, that explains why some of you might have thought the flavor was mint at first taste, but then as you had more, had an inkling that the flavor was slightly different. (If so, good tasting!)

Either way, this bar ended up being very tasty — and can definitely earn a shot at being a regular in your chocolate bar repertoire!


Bar B

A wonderfully aromatic chocolate bar (the reason for which will become obvious momentarily), this one was probably either instantly recognizable or virtually unguessable.

Why? Because the flavor included was a popular tea.

But which tea? Let’s see…


Dark Chocolate With Earl Grey Tea by Dolfin

That’s right — Earl Grey tea was the ingredient that gave this bar its flavor. And we think it turned out quite nicely.

However, after having this bar and wondering what the flavor is, it made us think…

What exactly does Earl Grey tea consist of?

So, we looked it up, and although the flavor is quite complex, the basic flavors that comprise Earl Grey tea are simply its black tea base and oil of bergamot orange.

There you have it!

Hope you loved this bar as well 🙂


Bar C

This was a chocolate bar with split personalities.

First, you get a nice, easygoing milk chocolate flavor, with a slight crunch.

Then…things change and you get a “kick”.

Fittingly, it turns out, once you learn the name of the bar:


Kung Pao Peanut (Milk Chocolate with Peanuts and a Kick) by Alcove Chocolate

Indeed — this bar gives you a “kung pao” kick of spice at the end, and it lingers for a bit.

Definitely a multi-dimensional bar, and one that we grew to enjoy quite a bit! We hope you did too 🙂

That’s all, folks!

Ready for the September box? It should be arriving very shortly 🙂

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