Mystery Chocolate – Best Chocolate Gift Subscription

A new chocolate experience has arrived.

Three delicious chocolate bars. Two meals donated to charity. One fun puzzle for your palate.

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“Delicious… a gift from a sweet, nutty, fruity son and daughter for my birthday! I will look forward to the next delivery, and be glad to share with everyone”

– Nancy T.

“Fun & delicious! If your recipient is a chocolate lover, look no further.”

– Lindsay @ The Gift Insider

“Loved my Mystery Chocolate Box!!! It was soo much fun trying to guess the flavors and the Chocolate was really very good!! Can’t wait until next month!!! :)”

– Shelley B.

Unique. Mysterious. Delicious.

The internet’s favorite chocolate subscription.

Is it a fun game to share with friends & family?

Is it a unique, different way to taste chocolate?

Is it amazing, creative chocolate flavors that have never been tasted before?

Yes. Yes. And Yes!

Oh, and, one more thing.

It’s a great way to satisfy your chocolate addiction while also helping the worldwide fight against hunger.

Win. Win. Win. Win!

How It Works

Here’s what your Mystery Chocolate Box experience will contain each month:

Three delicious mystery chocolate bars to enjoy

Each month, you’ll receive three bars that have been carefully created for your enjoyment with unique, interesting flavors. We’ll keep the inclusions a mystery until you submit your guesses.

Two meals donated to charity

For every box we sell, we donate two meals to charity — one to the United States and one to the rest of the world. Learn more about how we help fight hunger.

One fun game to play

While you enjoy each bar, see if you can guess what ingredients are inside. It’s a fun game for your family and friends — everyone will love it!

To summarize: Happiness in a box. Every month.

“Mystery Chocolate Box is a really fun and delicious way to bring the family together.”

– Chelsea

It’s a must-have gift for any chocolate lover.

For the guy or gal who has everything.

For the special someone who deserves a gift that keeps giving.

For anyone who loves a reason to get everyone together.

This is one gift guaranteed to be a hit — month after month. 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available.


How one crazy, chocolate loving family stumbled on a better way to enjoy chocolate…and ended up creating Mystery Chocolate Box in the process:

Let’s start at the beginning. Years ago, we used to scour local stores and markets, looking for the most interesting chocolates that we could find. Then we would hold chocolate tastings for the whole family to enjoy together.

One day, after many amazing, delicious chocolate tastings, the lightbulb went off. We had come up with an amazing twist that would change everything:

What would happen if we tried the chocolate bars without knowing what flavors were in each one?

We had to try it!

So, at our next chocolate tasting, we removed the wrappers from each chocolate bar first. Then, we sampled each one and tried to guess what inclusions were in each bar. Once we were all finished, each person would reveal what was in the bars they brought.

We had so much fun enjoying our “mystery” chocolate tastings together that we knew we had to bring this experience to others and, with that, Mystery Chocolate Box was born!

Whether you’re buying Mystery Chocolate Box for your family, your office, a friend, or even yourself, we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do — and thousands of other families now do too!

“Loved my first chocolate box. Had so much fun guessing what was in the chocolate with my co-workers!”

– Joanie

Mystery Chocolate for the office

Now that’s an instant boost to your company culture!

Boost happiness and productivity at work with a Mystery Chocolate Box for each of your employees. It’s a great way to drive engagement — everyone will have fun tasting and guessing the flavors!

“The tasting and guessing process of discovering mysterious chocolate bars has really gotten the creative and cerebral juices flowing. What a great way to prime your staff! I highly recommend this tasty creative challenge for any office meeting or employee gathering!”

– Amber L., Lab Girls

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