Welcome to Mystery Chocolate Box!

Mystery Chocolate Box

Lucky you! You’re here because someone special has given you a fantastic gift.

You probably don’t know much about us yet, so this is a perfect time to get to know each other.

We’re Mystery Chocolate Box. Nice to meet you! What’s your name?

We’re all about chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but gourmet, artisan chocolate bars with interesting, unique flavors included in them. And…a special twist.

So here’s how it works:

Step 1: You Get Chocolate

We will send you 3 gourmet chocolate bars that all have delicious flavors or ingredients in addition to the chocolate. And here’s the twist we mentioned above…they won’t say what flavors are inside. (This is where step 3 comes in)

Step 2: You Eat Chocolate

This one’s simple…enjoy the chocolate! We recommend having a chocolate tasting with friends and family, but however you want to enjoy them is completely up to you, of course.

Step 3: You Guess Flavors

Here’s where things get interesting. As you’re tasting, try to figure out what flavors (aka inclusions) are in each bar. You can use the included Guessing Card to record your guesses.

Step 4: You Get Points

When you’re done, you’ll go here to submit your guesses to see how many you got right and what the bars actually were. You’ll also earn Cacao Points for each guess you get right that can be redeemed later for things like free chocolate bars!

And if you’re really good, you might make our leaderboard!

That’s right, we have a leaderboard where the best guessers earn a bit of internet glory. It’s good for the competitive spirit…but don’t take it too seriously! We’re all about fun here.

(Oh, and if you like Mystery Chocolate Box so much that you subscribe for yourself after your gift subscriptions is over, you won’t lose your guesses!)

So that’s it…we can’t wait to ship you your first box! You’re going to love it

Oh, and one other thing. For every box we send out, we donate TWO meals to charity. So, by receiving this delicious gift, you’ll be helping us fight hunger. Now that’s a win-win! (learn more here).

Excited? Here’s what you can do now while you’re waiting for your first box:

  1. Say “Hello!” Click here to leave us a message on our Facebook page and let us know you’re looking forward to your chocolate!
  2. Check out some of our previous boxes to get a taste for what you’ll be enjoying soon.
  3. Do a happy dance (tutu optional):
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Now, you also might have some questions, so we included a couple FAQs below:

When will I receive my first box?

If you’re seeing this, you most likely came here from the gift card that you received. In that gift card, it says which month your subscription will start. So, take a look at your gift card to find out. (If you didn’t receive a gift card, just ask the generous soul that sent you the gift!)

When are the boxes shipped out each month?

We ship boxes out the first Monday of each month.

How many months will I receive a Mystery Chocolate Box?

Again, check your gift card. It should say how many months your subscription will last.

If I really like a chocolate bar, can I order more?

You sure can! If you want to order more of any of the bars you received, you can in our shop.

Bonus: If you order anything from our store while you are still receiving your subscription, we can ship them to you for free! Just select the option to have them shipped with your next box. Where else can you have chocolate shipped for free (especially during the summer)? Nowhere!


If we can help with anything at all, please feel free to reach out.