September 2017

Posted on October 13, 2017

Bar A

This is a dark chocolate bar that features a different kind of subtle sweetness. The chocolate is right in what we consider the sweet spot. It’s not too bitter, not too sweet, not too creamy, not too firm, not too soft, not too crunchy…you get the idea.

This one’s hard to put your finger on exactly what inclusion is lending it’s soft, sweet flavor to the bar. Turns out, it’s sweet because it IS an ingredient commonly used as a sweetener.

That’s right, it’s….


63% Dark Chocolate with Honey Crystals by Madecasse

Honey and chocolate are one of our favorite underrated flavor combinations. We sampled a chocolate bar one time that literally had chunks of honeycomb in it. It was delicious, but (unsurprisingly) extremely lumpy, so it probably wouldn’t have even fit in our boxes!

Anyway, our hats off to Madecasse for the extremely tasty bar! We hope you guys liked this one as much as we did.

Chocolate inclusion sensing hats back on, let’s tackle the next one.


Bar B

Let’s start with the easy part. Yes, this was a milk chocolate bar at Bar B — two of them in this box!

Now, the hard part. If you found your brain stretching and expanding, trying to wrap itself around the flavor in this bar, you weren’t the only one. It’s a slightly perplexing flavor…complex even.

It almost tasted as if there were more than one flavors included in this bar, but this bar only contained one single inclusion!

And here’s what it was:


Milk Chocolate with Tahini by Chocolate Naive

We’ve actually included a bar with tahini before (exactly one year ago, interestingly enough). Bar C in the September 2016 box was Dark Milk Chocolate with Tahini & Roasted Sesame by Mulate Chocolate, and like this one, the flavor was complex and multi-dimensional.

Highly enjoyable though!


Bar C

Lastly, we enjoyed a more traditional milk chocolate bar. Except, as gourmet chocolate bars go, this one was actually slightly different because it contained a thin filling in the middle.

And that filling was the bit that you had to guess — a unique inclusion that we had never had before trying this bar.

Let’s go ahead and peel the wrapper of mystery off the final bar of the box:


Milk Chocolate with Cookie Dough Filling by Hammonds Candies

Bet this was the first time you ever had a chocolate bar with cookie dough filling! Absolutely delicious, we have to say. We’re expecting our stock of this one to run out quickly, so if you enjoyed it make sure to buy some more soon (if there are any left).

And that’s it…

Hope you loved this box, as always! Let us know what you thought about it, and until next month…keep eating chocolate!

PS. Did you check out our new homepage design? What do you think?

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