Mystery Chocolate Box donates two meals to charity per box, because chocolate and charity should go hand-in-hand. BuzzFeed


What better way to start a marriage than with delicious chocolate delivered to you every month?


I think this box is so fun, and would be great to do with friends (maybe a little wine & cheese night?). R and I had fun tasting the different bars and trying to figure out what’s in them – it’s harder than it seems! This would be a fun party box, and I totally think they should start selling one-off boxes for parties in the future. I like that the selection is done by someone else, so you can do it with whomever and no one will know the answers. Much more fun than a host/hostess having to do this themselves. Oh, and all the chocolate was delicious! And there’s a ton of it – we’ll be enjoying these bars for several more days.Subscription Box Lovers Anonymous


The Mystery Chocolate Box tasting was a unique event that I won’t forget. It was great to get my friends together to sample this yummy, high-quality chocolate.Must Have Boxes

Subscription Box Mom

This was a cool box. The bars are a nice big size. It tastes like really good chocolate, not just a bar they bought at the gas station. This is a fun box to enjoy as a family. My husband and I really loved the chocolate and debating what’s inside.Subscription Box Mom

Mommy Splurge

For $17.95 + shipping a month the Mystery Chocolate Box is a great way to sample gourmet chocolates at home. Keep in mind that these are not the typical candy bars you would find at the grocery store. They are all made of high quality ingredients, some organic. This box provides a unique experience for those who love chocolate or have a sweet tooth, like myself.Mommy Splurge

Mommy Splurge

The chocolate was all delicious and I am still guessing. My kids thought Bar A was “spicy” (it is, in a way!), Bar B is very dark, and Bar C is their pick, as a milk chocolate. Bar A was my definite fave, and I can’t wait to find out what it is for sure! If I can control myself, I’d like to save some for my husband to try the next time he’s home, but I don’t know if I can. It was super tasty!Mommy Splurge

Spoon University

The anticipation while you are opening your box isn’t enough for you? Want to experience food-style charades? The Mystery Chocolate Box sends you three chocolate bars a month with their wrappers pre-removed…so your first bite is always a surprise!Spoon University


The dark chocolate will boost your serotonin levels, making you feel happier. On the other hand, the cherries, strawberries, and raspberries, will provide your body with a substantial amount of antioxidants and vitamins. They are yummy and will help in keeping your healthy.

In reference to our Amadei Toscano Red bar


Game Period

It is always very difficult to find right gifts for particular occasions because one has to search a lot. Don’t worry; this chocolate subscription box is perfect for all occasions. Whether it is a party, a dinner, or a new year’s eve, you can give this subscription pack to your loved ones as a gift.Game Period

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