October 2017

Posted on November 12, 2017

This was a box of all treats, no tricks: seasonal flavors, exposed inclusions, and milk chocolate with a classic flavor. So we hope you got your mischievousness out elsewhere.

Ready to see what treats we enjoyed this month? Let’s run through each bar one by one!

Bar A

So….yeah. We’re not going to go into huge amount of pre-reveal anticipation because this one was pretty easy. As you undoubtedly noticed, the inclusions were stuck to the bottom of this bar rather than mixed inside the chocolate, so you could definitely perform a thorough visual inspection and have a solid guess at the inclusions before even biting into it.

(For the purists out there that tried their best to not look at the inclusions on the bottom so they could still have a perplexing tasting and guessing experience…we love you.)

Whether or not you were a good little purist (hey, we don’t judge…we’re all about fun here), here’s what Bar A was:


70% Dark Chocolate with Sour Cherries & Almonds by Rawmio

Now, aside from this business of WHAT things made up this bar, we’d also like to point out how “whole” the almonds and cherries were. No itty bitty morsels of almond or cherry extract here — these were the real deal! Full almonds and cherries, clinging to the bottom of the bar for everyone to see. Nothing to hide.


Bar B

We chose this bar to bring in the season, bridging the gap from the fall into the upcoming holiday season.

It accomplishes that task by incorporating two different fruits (going by the technical term here) that we’ll, as always, reveal shortly.

The other interesting thing about this bar is the nature of the chocolate. It’s stone-ground, which means it has a grittier, more raw texture. And a sharper chocolate taste as well!

Let’s go ahead and see what those aforementioned fruits were:


70% Stone-Ground Dark Chocolate with Cranberry Pumpkin Spice by Taza

Pumpkin seeds to tie in the early fall and cranberry to carry over to the upcoming holiday season — a perfect blend. Plus, don’t forget that pumpkin seeds are quite nutritious!

Oh, and we forgot to mention that in addition to this being stone-ground chocolate, it’s also organic. Silly us.


Bar C

Now we’ve arrived at the end of the box. The last chocolate bar. The milk chocolate one, of course.

We loved this bar for its sheer addictiveness. It’s delicious, creamy milk chocolate with a couple simple inclusions that make it even more irresistible.

Not a combination that you’ve never tried before, but who cares? It tastes good!

Let’s see it:


38% Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt by Divine Chocolate

Creamy, crunchy, with the perfect amount of salt. That’s how we’d describe this bar, and obviously you can now see how those qualities come together.

We enjoyed this bar and hope you did too…well, not just the bar but the whole box!

And, we’re hoping that you’re looking forward to the next box! What chocolate will you be enjoying in November?

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