November 2016

Posted on December 10, 2016

Who’s ready to see what we all enjoyed in our Mystery Chocolate Boxes last month?

There’s a lot of great stuff, so let’s just dive into it. No announcements, no nonsense.

Let’s go!


Bar A

This bar was the lay-up out of the bunch. (That means it was the easy one, for those of you that don’t enjoy sports analogies.)

Now, if we were writing for a fancy magazine, we might introduce this bar as follows:

From the first crinkle as you disrobe this bar of its protective aluminum foil to the moment you taste your first morsel, your olfactory senses remain delighted as they explore the joyful combination of cacao with an unknown-but-fairly-obvious fruit.

But, we’re not, so let’s just say this. This bar has a great smell…and it’s fairly strong, distinctive flavor, so you should be able to guess the included fruit from the smell.

But just in case you couldn’t, it’s…


Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel by Cote D’or

A delightful smell, a delightful bar, and a delightful experience overall. The last bar that we included from Cote D’or (the dark chocolate with pistachio one) was VERY highly rated by you guys and our stock of bars sold out quickly.

So we were super excited to include another of their bars! We have to say, it did not disappoint.

(Side note. Isn’t there something enjoyable about eating a chocolate bar with an elephant on it?)


Bar B

Bar B was Bar A’s distant cousin. It’s very similar in a couple ways, namely (a) the foundation is a nice dark chocolate that’s not too bitter, (b) it has a fruity inclusion, and (c) it’s not overly sweet.

And then, of course, things start to differ.

For one, of course, the actual fruity inclusion is a DIFFERENT fruit than Bar A. Ya know, it would be a bit weird having two bars with the same flavor in the same Mystery Chocolate Box.

(But then again, it could be a good way to make guessing more challenging because you wouldn’t expect it. Hmm…this gives us something to ponder. 😉 )

Well anyway, let’s see it!


Dark Chocolate with Cranberries by Pacari

If you found it way too easy to finish this bar, you’re not alone. In fact, we think we might know of a place where chocolate lovers are welcomed with open arms and never reprimanded for having an extra square of chocolate. And, better yet, sent three mystery chocolate bars each month. Wait, what was that place again? WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!

Anyway, we dig Pacari. They make great chocolate. You should eat it. It’ll make you happier.



Bar C

All right, as we get to the last bar inside this month’s Mystery Chocolate Box, we’d like you take a deep breath.

And innnnnn…. (you with me?)

Now exhale slowly. Let’s do this 5 more times, getting deeper and deeper each time. Relax. Toss in an “om” if you want to.

Feeling nice and “zen’ed” out? Good.

Because this bar likes to think of itself as a meditative moment. Even for wild-mannered monkeys, just check out the wrapper…


Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice & Bananas by Alcove Chocolate

Yep, this is a bar so good it could inspire the most mischievous of monkeys to meditate. Or something.

The back of the bar even encourages you to meditate before eating it. Personally, we prefer to dive in and eat chocolate first, then meditate if we really want to afterwards. (Which we usually feel is totally unnecessary at that point.)

Anyway, all jokes aside, this a seriously good milk chocolate bar. Nice and crunchy, plus lots of flavor.

So that was November!

We hope you loved every bite of every bar in this box.

Lastly…shout out to Patrick D. for being the first person to cross 30 correct guesses all-time. He’s #1 on our Most Total Guessed Correctly category in our leaderboard.

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