Mystery Chocolate Box – February 2015

Posted on February 17, 2015

Hey there, welcome to the February 2015 Mystery Chocolate Box!

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this box as much as we have. We put together a great box with Valentine’s Day in mind…even with a special way that we came up with to enjoy this box on Valentine’s Day 🙂

We’d love to hear how your experience was with this box, please let us know in the comments at the bottom!

Anyway, let’s look at what the bars were…

Bar A

At first you might think this is plain dark chocolate, until you bit into the bar and find a very tasty surprise…filling! Yes, this bar is filled with something…. and it tastes great. You really have to carefully eat this bar to give your taste buds time to detect the flavors in the filling.

Bar A is…


Raspberry & Orange Creme Filled Dark Chocolate by Endangered Species

It’s a first! Our first “filled” bar. Overall, this is one of our favorites, although the only criticism we have (not sure if even qualifies as a “criticism”) is the creme filling could have a little stronger flavor. We found the dark chocolate to overpower it at times.


Bar B

One of my absolute all-time favorites.  Definitely top 5. You can tell by the smell as soon as you take this bar out of the wrapper that this bar is going to be good. I mean, before you even take a bite, that smell — so fruity and intriguing.  Then, once you sink your teeth into it, you taste the chocolate, plus the intense fruit flavor pouring in. But, it’s perfectly blended together, and neither flavor overpowers the other.

So what is this delicious bar?


Dark Chocolate with Cabernet Grapes and Blackberries by Ghirardelli

Yeah, yeah. It’s Ghirardelli. Definitely not a craft/artisan chocolate maker, but you really can’t argue with an amazing tasting dark chocolate bar.  So even though this isn’t your “amazing chocolate from a company you’ve never heard of” bar, it’s still “amazing chocolate from a company you have heard of”. “Amazing chocolate” being the key word there and only thing that really matters 🙂


Bar C

Ok, so this is a milk chocolate bar, plus something kinda nutty, but the nutty texture is not overwhelming at all, it’s actually very subtle. You get a little bit of crunch, but not much. One thing’s for sure: this is a very easy bar to eat! The way this bar melts as you chew on it is fantastic, it has a great, smooth texture that opposes the crunchiness perfectly. It’s almost “buttery”, if that makes any sense.


Milk Chocolate with Grilled Almonds by Dolfin

We featured one of Dolfin’s bars a couple months ago and it got great reviews. These guys are really great at milk chocolate, and this bar is no exception.

Although one interesting note — has anyone ever heard of grilled almonds before? That’s a new thing to us, although it definitely sounds interesting.

Personally, I love how the almonds are very subtle. Many times, chocolate bars with nuts have so many nut pieces inside that it almost overpowers the chocolate. Definitely not the case here, and it’s a welcome change.

That’s it for this box!

Again, we hope you LOVED it. Let us know what you thought below, and how many you guessed right.

Oh, and only about two more weeks until March’s box ships out!

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  • Nancy Tuttle
    February 18, 2015 (9:47 am)

    Delicious… a gift from a sweet, nutty, fruity son and daughter for my birthday! i will look forward to the next delivery, and be glad to share with everyone who will taste and go with my first instinct… actually, i ‘tasted’ with each group of friends and the ‘flavor’ became more distinct. one needs to indulge in a substantial piece in order to ‘explore’ the piece of chocolate with the taste buds to come to an answer with accuracy to the delectable flavor of each bar.

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