March 2016

Posted on April 2, 2016

Welcome to the March 2016 Mystery Chocolate Box!

Not only were we able to introduce you to some amazing and delicious bars this month, but those of you long-time subscribers should have immediately noticed….


Our new packaging design!

This was a big project for us and we’re super excited to be able to give you guys a better experience when you receive and enjoy your Mystery Chocolate Boxes every month.

What did you think?

Please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

Now then, onto the bars from this month…


Bar A

This is what happens when you take an underutilized fruity ingredient and blend it perfectly with fantastic dark chocolate. Oddly enough, the fruity ingredient in question is not underutilized when it comes to other chocolatey desserts, which is perplexing.

Let’s just say we’re quite glad this chocolate maker has made this bar 🙂


Black Forest Dark Chocolate with Tart Cherries by Alcove Chocolate

This is an absolute gem of a chocolate bar. They’ve balanced the cherry and chocolate flavors perfectly, so you get a strong taste of each but one doesn’t overpower the other.

Fast becoming one of our all-time favorite bars, this begs the question… “Why did this not exist sooner? Why has it taken the world so long to make a black forest chocolate bar?”

Oh well. We’re just going to continue enjoying this one and be thankful that it exists.


Bar B

This bar contains ANOTHER under-utilized but delicious flavor when combined with chocolate.

(We’ve been casually referring to this box as the “Underdog Box”)

Anyway, it comes from one of our favorite companies and, like the last bar, they’ve blended the flavor of the inclusion (that we’ll reveal in a moment) in this bar with the flavor of the 65% cacao dark chocolate…

…and it works quite well.

Let’s see what it is:


65% Dark Chocolate with Orange by Equal Exchange

Orange….one of my personal favorite flavor combinations with chocolate, but I think it’s woefully under-used. A pity, really.

Well, at least we have this bar to keep us satisfied for a while.

Side note…if you know of a good milk chocolate with orange bar…let me know 🙂


Bar C

And now we’ve made it to the last bar of the March 2016 box!

This one is soft at first bite, but then you get a crunch. As you keep eating it, you almost get a hint of spice, but it’s very faint. Is that really spice? No, I don’t think it is… maybe it’s more buttery.

So what is it?


34% Milk Chocolate with Toffee by Green & Blacks

A great milk chocolate bar, this is one you can really eat slowly and savor every bite…not something you can do with every milk chocolate bar out there.

So that’s the March 2016 Mystery Chocolate Bars!

Are you looking forward to the April box? We have some fantastic bars lined up (a slightly different selection than normal), and it goes out on Monday the 4th!

And, let us know how you liked the new packaging!

2 Replies to "March 2016"

  • Gisela Duarte
    April 4, 2016 (5:56 pm)

    Guessed raspberries/dark chocolate as first one. Guessed second one as orange/dark chocolate and I nailed toffee milk chocolate third one. That was really fun!!

    • mysterychocolatebox
      April 5, 2016 (8:23 am)

      Nice guessing! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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