June 2017

Posted on July 5, 2017

This was a box of “yets”.

As in, each bar had one main quality but also one somewhat contrasting feature as well. You’ll see what we mean once you start looking through each bar reveal, but consider this month an experience in chocolate juxtaposition and interesting contrasting flavors.

First up, we had a limited edition bar from a chocolate maker that loves making bars with interesting inclusions.

Bar A

We called this one “fruity yet aromatic” in the letter, so if you were going to sum up this bar in a couple words, that would be it.

There were two inclusions lending their flavors to this bar — a combination that you won’t be overly surprised to hear together, but one that you haven’t seen together in chocolate (in a trendy ice cream parlor, perhaps, but definitely not a chocolate bar).

Now, the flavors in this bar were, of course, supporting actors to the main attraction: super high quality chocolate made from virgin, unroasted cacao beans. This is the best of the best, extremely good stuff!

And here is what Bar A was:


Dark Chocolate w/ Strawberry Basil by Raaka Chocolate

A limited edition bar, we had to jump on this one so you guys wouldn’t miss out. Raaka has a good catalog of other bars with interesting flavor combinations so if you dug this one, there is more to be had!

Moving on…

Bar B

We dubbed this bar “sweet yet tangy” in our letter this month because the inclusion that gives its flavor to this bar is a fruit that contains these two qualities.

It also happens to be a perennial favorite flavor combination with chocolate, so that was enough to get it in the door. But, as you know, that isn’t enough to secure its inclusion in a Mystery Chocolate Box. Luckily enough, it passed the taste test and that’s why you enjoyed it this month!

Anyway, we’ve already give you enough of a clue above, so at this point you really should know what the inclusion was here. Assuming your taste buds haven’t gone on vacation, that is.

Here goes:


 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries by Divine Chocolate

Ah yes, raspberries, the sweet and tangy fruit that pairs so well with chocolate. We loved this bar — hope you did as well!

Now, let’s see the final bar.


Bar C

Finally, our last bar was deemed “creamy yet crunchy” in the letter. Obviously a contrast there, but a popular one.

Okay, so you probably easily guessed that the inclusion was a nut. That was somewhat obvious (although we’ll be searching for an inclusion that crunches like a nut but isn’t actually a nut just to make things more difficult…erm… fun that is) so let’s just go ahead and see what it was…


Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts by Perugina

Well, caramelized hazelnuts if you want to be exact. Super delicious milk chocolate here, and if you’re one of those people that loves chocolate with nuts, this one is perfect for you. (Some of us here actually aren’t into the chocolate + nut combination but still loved this bar.)

And that’s your June 2017 Mystery Chocolate Box!

As always (we’re not going to stop saying this) we hope you loved this box. Hope you’re currently enjoying your July box 🙂

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