June 2016

Posted on July 10, 2016

Hey guys!

We enjoyed a great selection of chocolate bars this month, including a rare white chocolate bar. Ready to see exactly what they were?

Let’s go!

Bar A

This was the first dark chocolate bar that we’ve included from this chocolate maker — one of our favorites. This one has a strong, delicious fruity flavor but, as tasty as it smells, it IS a bit misleading so guessing it correctly was not an easy task.

Either way, once you bite into it, the flavor is very rich, with the dark chocolate intertwining masterfully with the included ingredient. Very lovely!

Now, what exactly was it?

Let’s see…


Dark Chocolate with Blackcurrant by NEWTREE

If you had to Google blackcurrants, you’re not alone. Turns out, they’re a berry that was, interestingly enough, banned in many states until 2003 because the tree they grow on was thought to be a threat to the lumber industry. Strange.

Bar B

There were two inclusions in this bar, although one of them stood out quite a bit more than the other. (We hope you correctly guessed that flavor.)

While this was a delightful combination of flavors, simply enjoying this bar wasn’t enough…your task was to guess the two flavors correctly.

So let’s see if you were right…


Dark Chocolate with Raspberries & Sea Salted Almonds by Scharffen Berger

A very nice bar indeed — it almost tastes like a raspberry truffle. The salt from the almonds doesn’t really come through (good thing you didn’t have to guess that detail) but it doesn’t really matter. This is a delicious bar either way.

Bar C

The rare white chocolate bar!

Now, we’ll go ahead and apologize in advance for the tough task in guessing this flavor…it was a very subtle flavor that was blended very well into the bar. However, hopefully you’ll forgive us after tasting the chocolate because it is absolutely delicious (and addictive)!

Ready to see what it was?


White Chocolate with Caramelized Milk by Villars

A change of pace here. Not just in the fact that it’s a white chocolate bar, but with the type of inclusion. The “caramelized milk powder” is something that’s more mixed into the chocolate itself rather than present in pieces within the chocolate bar, if that makes any sense.

 We hope you loved this box! Let us know how you enjoyed it 🙂

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