July 2017

Posted on August 5, 2017

In this box, we took a bit of a healthy angle to show that chocolate doesn’t always have to be viewed as an “unhealthy” food. In fact, we believe that certain types of chocolate really are healthy. Plus, it all depends on how you approach it — an 80% chocolate bar with little added sugar is a whole lot healthier of a dessert option than a hot fudge sundae.

However…a lot of you grumbled a bit about the relative lack of tastiness in a couple of the bars (we’re looking at Bar B primarily here) so we’d like to let you know that we heard your message loud and clear! In the future, we’ll focus more on taste and less on the healthy angle (this isn’t the “Mystery Superfood Box” after all 🙂 )

Anyway, that aside, here are the bars that we featured this month!

Bar A

This bar had quite a lineup of fruits (or should we say superfruits) that lent quite a good flavor to this bar — both sweet and tangy. The makers of this bar use a special formulation to retain twice as much fiber as regular chocolate bars, which we detect as a bit of extra crunch when biting into it.

Now, there were FOUR different flavors to guess, so this one was quite a doozy (although only half as many inclusions to guess than Bar A from the May 2017 box, so by comparison, this bar was basically plain). Hope you were able to guess at least a couple of them 🙂

Let’s see what this bar was!


66% Dark Chocolate with Superfruits by NEWTREE

In addition to being quite tasty, this was actually quite an exclusive bunch of superfruits…

Here is the eclectic mix of fruits that made up the flavor inclusions for this bar: cranberries, pomegranate, papaya, and grapes (technically grape seed extract).  We wonder if this is the first time those four specific fruits have been used together (where else would it have been?).

Anyway, moving on…


Bar B

So this was the extra healthy bar. If you’re into that kind of thing, read on for the details. If not, well just scroll and see what bar it was 🙂

There were three factors that made this healthier than the average chocolate bar (even dark chocolate bars)…

  1. It incorporates a superfood (we’ll give you an extra hint: it’s a green), which we can’t reveal right at this moment, of course.
  2. It uses raw cacao, which involves less processing and is supposed to retain more healthy nutrients.
  3. It uses coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, which is healthier than regular sugar (lower on the glycemic index, more nutrients, etc)

And here it is…scroll down for the reveal:


70% Dark Chocolate with Spirulina by Pacari

If you didn’t like this bar, well, just think about this: spirulina has been shown to detox heavy metals out of the body, help prevent cancer, eliminate candida, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce the chance of a stroke, speed up weight loss, boost energy, alleviate sinus issues, and other wonderful things (thanks Dr. Axe). So while this might not have been the tastiest bar…it definitely made your body happy! 😉

Side note, we enjoyed this bar. If you also enjoyed this bar (whether openly or secretly), post a comment!

Now, onto Bar C…


Bar C

The polar opposite of the previous bar in pretty much every way. Other than the fact that these are both (a) chocolate bars (b) not cheap 99 cent chocolate bars and (c) contain inclusions, we’d say they’re completely different.

Let’s start with the obvious. This a milk chocolate bar (have you figured out yet that Bar C is always milk chocolate – or on occasion white chocolate?) so that’s the first big difference.

The second difference comes down to the inclusion. One one end of the spectrum, you have a green superfood. On THIS end, you have a traditional candy type of inclusion.

And let’s see what that inclusion was:


31% Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel by Godiva

This one is for the traditional milk chocolate lovers! It’s hard not to love a bar like this, so we hope you loved it 🙂

And that’s the July 2017 box

We hope you loved it — as always.

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