Thinking about giving the delicious gift of Mystery Chocolate Box?

Whether a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion, a subscription to Mystery Chocolate Box makes a perfect gift. Here are a couple reasons why:

  • Your gift will last for longer than a single present opening! As you can see below, you can give 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. Your gift recipient will be delighted for months to come and they’ll think of you each time they enjoy another delicious Mystery Chocolate Box.
  • The memories might last even longer. Enjoying the latest Mystery Chocolate Box is a great event for your gift recipient to share with friends and family (it also makes a fantastic companion to a wine tasting!).
  • Can’t be found anywhere else! Perfect for the guy or gal who has everything.

So, what now? Simply choose your desired subscription length below and get started!

3 months$56.95 (+ S&H)

  • Gift card available
  • Only $18.98/month
  • One time, non-recurring payment
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6 Months$107.95 (+ S&H)

  • Gift card available
  • Only $17.99/month.
  • One time, non-recurring payment
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12 Months$204.95 (+ S&H)

  • Gift card available
  • Only $17.08/month.
  • One time, non-recurring payment
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Looking for a regular subscription? Go here :)

Order by December 20th to get the February 2019 box ?

Here's what real people are saying:

"Delicious… a gift from a sweet, nutty, fruity son and daughter for my birthday! I will look forward to the next delivery, and be glad to share with everyone"

- Nancy T.

"Fun & delicious! If your recipient is a chocolate lover, look no further."

- Lindsay @ The Gift Insider

"Loved my Mystery Chocolate Box!!! It was soo much fun trying to guess the flavors and the Chocolate was really very good!! Can’t wait until next month!!! :)"

- Shelley B.

"I thought this box was super fun and I’m still puzzling over some of the flavors!"


"MCB is a really fun and delicious way to bring the family together."

- Chelsea

"Loved my first chocolate box. Had so much fun guessing what was in the chocolate with my co-workers!"

- Joanie

"We are having a blast with this gift. Wonderful experience."

- Diane S.

"Thank you for a great box! My favorite (surprisingly) was the White Chocolate with Rose flavor…"

- Andie C.


Can I include a gift message to the recipient?

Of course! We have a couple different gift card options available. When you click the "Sign up now" button above for the subscription you want, you will be able to configure your gift card and message.

When will they get their first box?

The cutoff date for new subscriptions is the 20th of every month. If you order on or before this date, your gift recipient will receive their first box the following month. If you order after this date, you will receive your first box the month after that because we have to order supplies a couple weeks in advance.

If want to buy a gift subscription but it's too late for them to receive their first box by the date you want them to receive it, you can always print out a gift card. Contact us after your order and we'll send you a gift card you can print out and deliver to them (at no extra charge).

My gift recipient (or someone they might eat the chocolate with) has food allergies. Will this be a problem?

We include an allergy information card in each box that contains the allergy information from the label of each bar. Please make sure they read the card before eating any of the chocolate!

If your gift recipient has an allergy to any type of nuts, Mystery Chocolate Box may not be a good fit. Many of the bars we send out have nuts included.

If you have any specific needs or questions, contact us!

How to you ship each box in the summer to avoid melting?

Ah, yes. This is one of the biggest challenges that we face (read more here). Basically, we line each box with insulated bubble wrap and then pack a cold pack in each box.

There is an extra charge of $2.50 for every box we ship out that needs the special materials mentioned above (this is added to the shipping charge). This is also the absolute lowest price you'll find for shipping chocolate with extra insulation materials plus cold packs! (learn why here).

However, if your chocolate does happen to arrive soft or melted, just let it cool off (stick it in the refrigerator if you need to). It might look different, but it will taste just as good!

Are the bars taken out of their original packaging? Is it safe?

We take safety very seriously. In order to preserve the "mystery" aspect of our box, we remove the original outer wrapper or box, but leave the inside foil wrapper around each bar intact. The chocolate is never altered, modified, or touched in any way.