Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Wondering what current subscribers and gift recipients of Mystery Chocolate box think?

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Customer Review Gallery

“Delicious… a gift from a sweet, nutty, fruity son and daughter for my birthday! I will look forward to the next delivery, and be glad to share with everyone”

– Nancy T.

“Fun & delicious! If your recipient is a chocolate lover, look no further.”

– Lindsay @ The Gift Insider

“Loved my Mystery Chocolate Box!!! It was soo much fun trying to guess the flavors and the Chocolate was really very good!! Can’t wait until next month!!! :)”

– Shelley B.

“My fiancee and I get excited every month when we get the shipping notification and usually have some friends or family over for the tasting. Can’t wait for the next box.”

– Nik R.

“MCB is a really fun and delicious way to bring the family together.”

– Chelsea

“Loved my first chocolate box. Had so much fun guessing what was in the chocolate with my co-workers!”

– Joanie

“We are having a blast with this gift. Wonderful experience.”

– Diane S.

“Thank you for a great box! My favorite (surprisingly) was the White Chocolate with Rose flavor…”

– Andie C.

“I thought this box was super fun and I’m still puzzling over some of the flavors!”


“I think this box is so fun, and would be great to do with friends (maybe a little wine & cheese night?)”

– Subscription Box Lovers Anonymous

“This is a fun box to enjoy as a family!”


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