2016 Donation Report

Posted on January 7, 2017

As we move into 2017 together, let's pause for a brief moment and look back at our donation report for 2016. If this is your first time here, we donate two meals for every single box that we send out -- one right here in the US, and one worldwide. This year, we donated 5,000 meals! Woohoo! We're always happy to be able to increase the number of meals that we donate each year, and given that last year we donated 3,200 meals, we we ...

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August 2016

Posted on September 7, 2016

This month we enjoyed quite an interesting range of chocolate bars. (Did you like them? Let us know!) However, before we pull the curtain off this month's box, we'd like to highlight a really creative way to enjoy a Mystery Chocolate that we heard from a customer. Judy G. wrote in and said: I received a subscription from my daughter for my birthday. The first month (July) my husband and I sampled and enjoyed the bars. That gave us ...

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