April 2017

Posted on May 8, 2017

Hey everybody!

Ready to see what was in your April 2017 Mystery Chocolate Box?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go!

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Back to the show. Let’s take a look at Bar A.

Bar A

This bar is a bit like a timid cat. It seems a bit bland at first, but once you know how to treat it, it opens up to you and delivers a great experience.

Hint: At first we ate this bar like most other fanatical chocolate lovers would (ya know, tearing into it with reckless abandon, furiously chomping away until each piece was gone). All we got was a subtle crunch — just enough to let you know that something is in there.

Then we stumbled on something that coaxed the flavors out of the bar, turning it from (almost) bland to grand. All you have to do is allow this bar to melt in your mouth for a while before chewing it and you’ll notice the flavors magically jumping out of the bar…as if you’re freeing them at last from cacao-controlled captivity. Of course, once the flavors have been released they blend fantastically with the chocolate that once trapped it, making it a delicious bar. Which is why we included it of course.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. What exactly was this bar?


Toscano Blond (Peach & Apricot) by Amedei

Did you try letting this bar melt in your mouth? (We tell you these things for a reason people! It was in our monthly letter in the box…don’t say we never told you 😉 ) If so…did you notice the big difference?

We hope so. And we hope you loved it as much as you did. Now, moving on.


Bar B

Well, let’s be honest. There wasn’t much guesswork necessary with this bar, aside from wondering if we’d thrown you a curveball (which we do from time to time, so we wouldn’t blame you). Or if we’d found out a way to take the finest turndown chocolate and morph it into a full-size chocolate bar.

Suffice it to say that this was quite a simple bar to guess. Something you’ve very likely tasted before and quite a recognizable flavor (and not too subtle). So we hope you all guessed correctly!

And…it was…


Dark Chocolate with Mint by Lindt

This was definitely a bar that you could eat all of…and still want more. You don’t always need to include super crazy things into chocolate bars to make them great tasting and interesting!

(Although if you want crazy things, check out the May box. One of the bars has EIGHT inclusions…and some of them are fairly exotic.)

Anyway, back to the April box. Let’s move on and look at Bar C.


Bar C

Last but not least…the milk chocolate bar of the bunch. Similar to Bar B, this one shouldn’t have been too hard to guess — a classic chocolate combination.

Milky. Chocolatey. Sweet. Crunchy. Salty. Delicious.

Let’s go ahead and reveal it…


Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel by Milkboy

Milkboy is one of our favorite smaller niche chocolatiers. Their Milk Chocolate with Lemon & Ginger bar (February 2016) is a personal favorite and the Dark Chocolate with Pine Tree Oil bar (August 2016) is excellent as well so we know anything they make is going to be good.

And we loved this bar…and hope you loved it too!

And that’s all folks!

On to the next box 🙂 We’ve prepared a fun box for May and we know you’re going to love it (highlights: a crazy bar and a bar that’s ONLY available in the United States in our box).


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