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March 2018

Bar A I always love the bars that we get from this chocolate maker because they're really a combination of dark chocolate (duh) and random selection of delicious items that you could obtain from the bulk section of your local organic grocery store. Or, in other words, these bars are what we would expect to get if you let your 5-year old loose in said bulk section ...

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February 2018

Bar A This bar comes from one of our favorite chocolate makers in London. We actually like them because they do some wondrous things with milk chocolate, but this is actually a 70% dark chocolate bar. So, clearly they know their way around the dark side of the chocolate force as well. But anyway, it's just one spice that lends its flavor to this bar, perplexing ...

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April 2018

Bar A Okay, probably not the hardest bar to guess, but its delicious enough that we didn't really care if it was a giveaway. Anyway, the highlights in this bar started with the consistency of the dark chocolate — a great balance between "dry", overly tempered super dark chocolate and the soft creaminess of the lightest milk chocolate bars. then, of course, the ...

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