October 2015

Posted on October 27, 2015

Hey guys!

Ready to see what was in this month’s box? Let’s go ahead and get right into it!

Bar A

I knew what this bar was when I first tried it and it was still surprising to me!

In my head, I thought it was going to be a dry and have a “harsh”, bitter dark chocolate flavor from the way it mixes with the ingredient that’s inside it. To be completely honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to tasting it…

And then I tried it.

My expectations were immediately thrown out of the window. I wasn’t expecting it to have more of a sweeter taste (although it definitely wasn’t “sugary” sweet) and I didn’t know that the flavor of the inclusion would blend so well with the chocolate.

You get nice, firm dark chocolate plus a little bit of the crunch from the inclusion (you’ll see what it is shortly…patience!) but the way the flavors blend together is what makes this bar really special. They’re incredibly complementary and I think you get a “1+1=3” experience from this bar.

It’s hard to explain this one any more without talking about what specific flavors it does and doesn’t have so let’s go ahead and see what it is…


Dark Chocolate with Pistachio by Cote D’or

So this bar has an almond-like flavor, but it actually doesn’t have any almonds! (I think it could actually pass as a chocolate bar with almond biscotti crumbs embedded inside of it.)

But it’s not almonds, it’s pistachios. A very interesting (and addictive) bar, and if you like pistachio ice cream, you’ll probably love this. (If you don’t like pistachio ice cream, you’ll still probably love it).

Side note: want to get your hands on a couple of these at a slight discount? Leave a comment or contact us and we’ll be in touch and explain more. Don’t worry, they’re perfectly fine 🙂 Extremely limited quantity so they might be gone already! [Update: They’re gone.]

Bar B

This bar comes from one of my favorite up and coming chocolate manufacturers.

Basically, what they’ve done is come up with a way to use their mad chocolate-making skills to make the center of the chocolate bar much creamier and smoother than normal dark chocolate bars while at the same time infusing unique flavors into the bar.

I thought they sounded great when we first got into contact with each other, but it wasn’t until they sent me some bars to sample that everything changed…

When the samples finally arrived, I was eager to rip open the box and try the chocolate. I unwrapped one of the bars, broke off a couple pieces and bit into it.

Right away, I got the familiar firm first bite that you get with all chocolate bars…but once that was over, everything was a little different. The chocolate melted in my mouth right away, but it didn’t immediately dissolve. Instead, the creamy chocolate lingered and the tastes of the flavors infused into the bar started to come out.

And those flavors were an unique blend that pairs very well with chocolate. You’ll see what you mean when you try this bar.

Now, let’s see what it actually was:


Dark Chocolate with Sweet Basil & Cherry Blossom by Ethereal Confections

As were talking about before the reveal, this is a next-level chocolate bar. You kind of have to taste one to get what it’s really like, but it’s basically the softest and creamiest dark chocolate bar you’ll ever have. Click the link above to buy one and try it for yourself (or, if you received this box, buy another one before we run out!)

Bar C

I might be mistaken, but I think this chocolate bar is more popular in Europe and not as much in the US. Although that wouldn’t be for any good reason other than it not being widely available in the US (even though it comes from a very popular chocolatier).

Anyway, this bar is basically pure genius. It’s like a combination of one of those fruit-filled truffles, but it’s in chocolate bar form.

This is one that I was super excited about, and it didn’t disappoint. Let’s just go ahead and look at what it was…


Milk Chocolate with Raspberry Filling by Lindt

You see? It’s kind of like those delicious chocolate truffles filled with a fruity liquid inside. But it’s a regular chocolate bar! We think it’s brilliant, and we hope you did too.

So that rounds out this month’s chocolate!

Ready for next month? Coming soon!

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know how you liked this box in the comments below 🙂

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