Mystery Chocolate Box August 2014

Posted on August 23, 2014

Hello, August.

Well, actually, we’re almost at ‘goodbye, August’ now. But you get what I mean.

Many things happen in August. Heat. Sweat. School. NFL pre-season. Thunderstorms. The US Open (tennis). Vacations. Hurricanes. Mosquitos.

None of these things have anything to do with our August box.

What does, you ask?

Chocolate bars. Three of them. All delicious but mysterious. (That’s a potential slogan right there. “Delicious but mysterious”. You like?)

Ok, ok. You just want to get to the bars and see what they were.

Follow me.

Bar A

Bar A doesn’t have a big flavor that jumps out at you as soon as you bite into it. The flavors are more subtle and underlying. Soft. Fruity. There’s a hint of spice as you chew, but not a spicy aftertaste. Overall, there is a very pleasant flavor in this bar, dark chocolate but not bitter.

What was it?


Citrus & Pink Pepper by Madécasse

The citrus flavor is combava, to be exact (although you didn’t have to guess combava… we accepted citrus as well). Just “pepper” was fine as well.

About Madécasse

Madécasse does things a little differently. Not only do they grow their cacao in Madagascar, but they make their entire finished product there — everything from the cacao beans to the chocolate to the packaging. That’s pretty cool.

Bar B

As you bite into this bar, you taste the delicious dark chocolate, but soon after, that taste is broken up by hints of slightly crunchy sweetness. It’s very citrusy (but not combava fruit this time). The chocolate itself is creamy and very smooth, not at all chalky.  If you taste closely (is that a thing?), you can detect a zestiness (spellcheck says I made that word up, but I beg to differ). Very interesting flavor, this.

But what was it?


Crystallized Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate by Alter Eco

Yes, orange peel. Crystallized, at that. It pairs perfectly with the dark chocolate and sweetens it up a bit with its citrusy flavor. Amazing chocolate bar!

About Alter Eco

Alter Eco is the business equivalent of a tree. By that, we mean to point out an interesting tidbit that we found on their “About Us” page: they are GHG Protocol 3 Carbon Zero certified, which means that they offset more carbon than they emit. Just like a tree!

These guys actually makes a lot more than just chocolate — they make rice, quinoa, truffles, and sugar as well. And it’s all super Fair Trade and organic. And it helps reduce carbon emissions. Plus one for Alter Eco!

Bar C

Smooth and creamy don’t even begin to describe the chocolate in this bar. As you eat this bar, you notice a crunch along with some familiar flavors. Some people found this bar easy to guess and some didn’t get it right away. Either way, it was a delightful mystery.

What was Bar C?


Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate by Chocolove

Toffee and Almonds plus the creamy milk chocolate made this one the favorite bar to many.

About Chocolove

If you’ve ever thought a chocolate bar was a simple little love letter to your heart (which it is, of course), then you’ve shared the same sentiment that lead to the founding of Chocolove. Each bar is designed to look like a love letter (and even has a love poem on the inside of the outer wrapper).

Since the bar that you received didn’t come with the love poem, here it is:



So, what did you think?

How did you like the August box? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you’re looking forward to September’s box, shipping in a little over a week. We’ve got a great box going out and you’re going to love it 🙂

Until next month!

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