[IMPORTANT] How To Sign Up For Text Message Updates

So, you just received a shipment notification email from us. Great news! That means your Mystery Chocolate Box is on the way and will arrive very soon!

However, if the weather is warm (generally 80 degrees or more), then you’ll want to make sure that you do your best to take your package in as soon as possible after it’s delivered.

In order to do that, it’s extremely helpful to get real-time notifications on the status of your shipment. Our recommendation is to sign up for text message updates for your order with USPS.

Here are instructions:

  1. In your shipment notification email, you’ll see a tracking number. Click on the tracking number to load the shipment tracking status page.
  2. On the shipment status tracking page, click the tracking number to go to the USPS tracking page.
  3. Once you’re on the USPS tracking page, scroll down a little bit and click where it says Text & Email Updates
  4. That will open up the area where you can sign up for text message updates.
    1. First, check the notifications that you want to receive (we recommend checking the first checkbox for all updates).
    2. Next, enter your phone number
    3. Check the box to agree to agree to the Terms and Conditions
    4. Click the Get Updates button


That’s it! Now, you’ll get text message updates from USPS so you can be alerted when your package is on the way and when it has been delivered.

(Side note: you can also sign up for notifications via email if you’d like.)

Enjoy your chocolate!