Happiness in a box.

Three delicious chocolate bars
Two meals donated to charity
One fun game to play

What is Mystery Chocolate Box?

What is Mystery Chocolate Box?

Mystery Chocolate Box is a brand new chocolate experience. You're going to love this.


Three delicious mystery chocolate bars to enjoy

Each month, you'll receive three bars that have been carefully hand-selected for your enjoyment. The outside wrappers have been removed so the ingredients are a mystery (for example, almonds, cherries, lime, ...., etc).

Two meals donated to charity

For every box we sell, we donate two meals to charity -- one to the United States and one to the rest of the world. Learn more about how we help fight hunger.

One fun game to play

While you enjoy each bar, see if you can guess what ingredients are inside. It's a fun game for your family and friends -- everyone will love it!

To summarize: Happiness in a box. Every month. Who could resist?

Who is Mystery Chocolate Box perfect for?

Just about everyone:


Your family is busy and you have a hard time finding activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Mystery Chocolate Box is a fun experience for the whole family that everyone will love. Your kids will look forward to spending time together for your Mystery Chocolate Box tastings!

Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn't love chocolate? Seriously.

Ok, for the hardcore chocolate aficionados (you know who you are), you'll love this new way to taste chocolate. Not knowing exactly what inclusions are in each bar makes for a brand new tasting experience! (Plus, you can test your chocolate tasting skills by submitting your guesses each month)

The Office

Mystery Chocolate Box is a great treat for the office. It's fun and nothing boosts morale like chocolate!

Oh, by the way. It makes an awesome gift.

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Why subscribe to Mystery Chocolate Box?

Because you love chocolate. Yum.

Need we say more?

Ok, well, we've compiled this handy dandy list of why you should subscribe to Mystery Chocolate Box right now:

  1. You get to discover delicious, interesting chocolates.
  2. It's a really fun activity to do with your family (your kids will love your monthly chocolate tastings after dinner!)
  3. It's a great thing to do with your friends (they'll love coming over and tasting chocolates with you!)
  4. It's an awesome gift for any chocolate lover!
  5. It's a great snack for the office.
  6. Last month's box was awesome.
  7. Next month's box is going to be awesome.
  8. Because you just got $3 off your first month.
Want to get in on this?

The Mystery Chocolate Box Story

Mystery Chocolate Box comes from a family tradition of ours. Here's the story:

About once a month, we find interesting, delicious chocolates and bring them home for chocolate tastings with the whole family. We all sit around the kitchen table and taste each chocolate bar together (wrappers removed, of course) one at a time. We each make our guesses, and then the person who brought the chocolate reveals what's in each bar.

We have so much fun together at our chocolate tastings that we wanted to bring this unique experience to you. Whether you're buying Mystery Chocolate Box for your family, your office, or even yourself, we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do.

What are people saying about us?

  • I thought this box was super fun and I’m still puzzling over some of the flavors!- MommySplurge.com
  • This is a fun box to enjoy as a family!- SubscriptionBoxMom.com
  • I think this box is so fun, and would be great to do with friends (maybe a little wine & cheese night?)- Subscription Box Lovers Anonymous
  • I invited a few friends over this weekend to conduct my Mystery Chocolate Box tasting. I passed out one square from each bar to everyone and had them sample the chocolate. We then went around the table and made our guesses about what ingredients were included in each bar. It was a ton of fun!- Kristen from MustHaveBoxes.com

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